Our mission is to upgrade equipment for events, conferences and exhibitions all over the world. We provide our services at the highest level of accuracy and act as consultants and members of media coordinators in order to obtain the highest quality. We have a special team of engineers, decorative graphic designers, coordinators and marketing experts in order to achieve customer desires and get their products to the world level.
The company was established in Cairo, Egypt in 1997, under the name of Egytelak Company, the company changed its name to Kensabat because of the separation and became a leading company in the processing of exhibitions in the world “Sectum” Octanorm and the processing of conferences since its establishment and has complete solutions in covering open places and the Egyptian company has changed from the regional system in the exhibition services and the company has become one of the largest companies that are most successful in its field at the local and international levels.
    • Real Estate Investment, Al-Ahram Exhibition.
    • Ebny Betak.
    • Real Estate Fair Chance.
    • Edge Gallery for furniture and decor.
    • Land Wars exhibition of furniture and decoration.
    • Real Estate Arx Exhibition.
    • Tex-Ahram , equipment for the hotel Exhibition.

    Real estate

    • The private pavilion of the State of Kuwait.
    • The private pavilion of the State of Syria.
    • The private pavilion of the State of Tunisia
    • The private pavilion of the State of Iraq.
    • The private pavilion of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

    Arab countries

    • Egyptian General Authority for Exhibitions and Conferences.
    • General Authority for Book
    • Social Fund for Development.
    • Authority of Military Production, Ministry of Defense.
    • Presidency of the Council of Ministers.
    • Alexandria Library.

    Government authorities

    • APEX Fair Packaging and Food Technology Exhibition .
    • International Exhibition of Food Tech.
    • Food Fair Exhibition .
    • Packaging Exhibition.
    • Mills and silos Exhibition.

    Food Sector

    • International Exhibition, Gas Inter
    • Journal of the Republic of Petroleum Exhibition
    • Akwathirm Exhibition

    Water Purification

    • Life Insurance Exhibition Conference
    • Financial Banks Exhibition
    • Finance and Banking Sciences Exhibition

    Stock Market

    • International Exhibition & Conference for Building & Construction.
    • Mineral Industries Exhibition , Metal and Steel .
    • Wood Exhibition, Wood and World.
    • Mines and quarries Exhibition .
    • Ceramics and sanitary ware Exhibition.
    • Industry, Glass Technology Exhibition.
    • Refrigeration industry and adaptation Exhibition.
    • Doors and windows Exhibition.
    • Marble industry Exhibition.
    • Construction Equipment Exhibition.

    Construction Sector

    • ICT Exhibition of Communications and International Information .
    • Smart Cards Exhibition , Car Tex.
    • Exhibition on Engineering.
    • Selket Exhibition of the Computer.
    • Initiative Computer for every home Exhibition.
    • Show automatic control technology , Alomishn Exhibition.
    • Advertising Egy Sein Exhibition.
    • Intelligent e-Exhibition.
    • Supermarket for the computer and printing equipment Exhibition .
    • Electrics Exhibition .

    Electricity and Telecommunications

    • International Exhibition of Poultry , Agrena.
    • Agricultural exhibition of its founder, the world of agriculture.
    • Eshraka Exhibition for investing in the desert.
    • Exhibition and Conference of the United Nations agriculture.
    • Organic farming Exhibition


    • International Exhibition Egy Medica.
    • Laboratory Medicine Exhibition.
    • Swiss Society Exhibition.
    • Technology Exhibition pharmaceutical industry.
    • International Medical Exhibition of industrial supervision.

    The scientific sector

    • AVEX International Air Show
    • International companies for boat and yacht exhibition
    • International Transport Exhibition
    • International Car Manufacturers

    Transport and Aviation Sector

    • The private pavilion of the State of Romania.
    • The private pavilion of the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce.
    • The private pavilion of Thailand.
    • The private pavilion of Portugal.
    • The private pavilion of Indonesia.
    • The private pavilion of India.
    • The private pavilion of Slovakia.

    foreign countries

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